"Oh—" She pushes the door open a little more, stepping further in. Nicole pushes her hands onto her skirt, they were getting slightly sweaty. She smiles anyway, pearly and sweet. "I’m sorry— I was walking bye when I heard— It’s beautiful. I’m sorry." She rambling in her awkward presentation to the man. "I’m Nicole, student of the academy." The woman makes a bow.

Baekhyun stares a bit, he take a look and he thought someone’s gonna attack him or something. Baekhyun forgot once again that he’s in Bansin. But that girl seems a little bit embarrassed because Baekhyun finds her peaking at him. He cleared his throat and open up his voice, “It’s okay, I don’t mind” he give a big smile. “And don’t be so nervous, I won’t bite” he chuckles. “Nice too met you then Nicole, I’m Baekhyun, new student here. And thank you for the compliment.” Baekhyun try to make the girl relaxed a bit.

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[ !!! ] Announcement — Homework and AP classes

It has come to our attention that not all members are satisfied with the way teachers— and indirectly, the directory handle their classes.

First of all, we are working on a list with all classes. New and old students will be able to check the list and follow their chosen classes. That’d way teachers can keep track of who are in their classes as well, by viewing who has followed their classblogs.

Please be patient with us, after all… We do have a life aside from directory work as well.

The second issue we’d like to address is muse’s homework. I understand that muns who roleplay teachers would like to see their well thought through assignments to be executed by students, but please do realize that roleplay is for fun and not all student-muns have time to make this homework. In fact, not wanting to do their muse’s homework is a very legit reason for a mun not to do it, because we are still a fictional school and no one should be forced into doing something they do not want or do not have muse for.

That’s why we would like to suggest the following:

Regardless of whether a muse does their homework, they will receive a passing grade from their teacher. This because there are various reasons as to why a mun would not do a student’s homework.

This means that unless plotted, everyone passes their classes.

But, in order to award the students (or rather, their muns) that did to their homework, we would like them all to be be placed in either the AP or the honors classes.

Like this, there is a solid ground as to who are in the AP classes and whatnot, and muns don’t have to be distressed about their muses failing because of their lack of time/inability/or simply their unwillingness to make extra homework as a mun.

Because this is a message we would like to send out to everyone in the academy, I would like everyone to reblog this post when they see it on dash so the message can be spread. We have over 125 members, so we all need to work together to get changes like these out there. 

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The woman is walking down the long halls. The school was so big, she was enjoying how she could explore forever. In the music hall she hears the beautiful music and turns in that direction. Nicole wouldn’t be surprised if the academy had a piano— But just who was playing? She peeks her head in and blinks. There’s a young man, he was a new student, correct? She watches him for a while, eventually picking up the song was going in repeat. “That sounds pretty…” She says in a soft voice.

Baekhyun keep playing, feeling his heart, thinking about his past, until he noticed someone’s there. He suddenly stop and stand up, he look to the slightly open door. Of course he can sense other people presence even though it’s vague. “Hello? Someone’s there?” He opened his voice and his voice echoed filling the room. 

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Baekhyun feeling tired after finishing his assignment, he needs an entertainment. He decided to go to the Lounge to find something that can drive off his boredom. His eyes caught a grand piano in the corner of the room, He walks toward it, he sat and touch the grand piano slowly and open the cover keys. Slowly he press the key, and now he plays a song. A song that he always heard when he was little, a song that someone plays before he sleep, his mother? He didn’t know, he keep repeating that song.


Baekhyun - 140602 EXO from Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet in Hong Kong
Credit: Hide and Seek.
hyunchuldemigod: "Welcome to the Academy!" He exclaimed, seeing an unfamiliar face. "I hope you enjoy your stay-- oh! Would you like a sandwich or some cupcakes?"

"Whoa, thank you for the welcome~" he grins. "Well, I will of course, and maybe later ‘cause I have a class now, see you soon!" run pass the guy, and Baekhyun turned back "My name is Baekhyun, B for short!" he shout out loud. He runs to the first class


Well, B… I am glad to see you among us. I hope you will love it here.” he said calmly. He didn’t know Enyo’s kids yet, so he loved to getting to know them. He sat beside the other./ If you will need help in anything, please say so. I will make sure to help you.

Baekhyun is thinking for a while, maybe it’s time for him to open up his mind. “I will love it here, just need a little time” He chcukles. “You really want to know about my family? Maybe someday in the library I will tell you all about my family.” Baekhyun stands up, ” I think I need to go back to my room, I need to study too tomorrow, so I don’t make a mess, bye~” he go back to his room didn’t wait for Intae reply.

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"Just to ask you a few questions…" Jay replied smiling. " where do you rank yourself in your knowledge and proficiency in battle?"

Baekhyun thinks for a while, his eyes can’t stop moving. “Um, well, I rank my self 8 out of 10. Because I can’t defend my self well, I just go attack them without any thinking of defense. Battle should have strategy, and yes, I’m lacking at strategy. I just attack them very fast and didn’t give them a chance to strike back.” 

jayparkxares: "Hi. I'm Jay, Professor of Battle." He smiled, placing back a book into his shelf. "Please take a seat there, I'd be with you shortly."

Baekhyun glance at him “Hello professor, I’m Baekhyun, B for short.” Baekhyun smiles a little and slightly bowing, he takes a seat near Professor Jay.”So, now what are we going to do?” ask with a curious face.